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The principal and staff welcome you to Teeny Tots Playschool. The school was established on the 21st January 2009. We are a registered ECD Centre. We offer a fun-filled day with lots of attention in a loving, caring, homely, and happy environment. Our ethos is Christian values and principles. We believe that children should learn through play with various activities to ensure social, physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Meet the Principal

staceyport1My name is Stacey Gloss and I am the owner of Teeny Tots Playschool. Children are my passion. It has always been my dream to own a school and it all finally happened in 2009. I opened with one child and it grew very quickly. I had 6 children by the end of the first term and loved every minute of it. It is not merely a job to me, I really am fortunate enough to enjoy what I do. Working with children is one of the most rewarding things one can ever do. Watching them grow into little people is so amazing.

I have qualified in Childcare and have worked with children for many years. I have worked in a school as well as being an au pair. In fact, I brought up a little girl who is now my godchild. I have two kids which have grown up in the school. I have also been a Sunday school teacher at my church. I have completed my Bachelor's Degree in Foundational Phase.

I strongly believe that children must just ‘be kids’ and learn through fun and play. Love is also such a huge part of my school, as we just love the kids and show them how to love and consider others through learning to share, etc.

I’m also very fussy when it comes to hygiene. Throw a whole bunch of kids together and there are bound to be lots of germs.

My approach to discipline is ‘firm’ but ‘gentle’. I believe one has to set strong boundaries in place and stick to them.

I am also a Christian and run my school with Christian principles and values.

However, nothing is forced. People of all races and religions are welcome.

Contact us

021 785 4066

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17 Galleon Crescent, Sun Valley

Cape Town, 7975


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