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At TeenyTots we believe it is vital to learn through play, laughter, and with oodles of fun. We allow them to just be kids and have fun; but also seek to build into their lives, teaching them, and creating within them a sense of security, love and self worth.

The day is always full of fun activities.

07:45-08:30 Parents and children arrive. We have various activities, that change daily, set up inside. 
08:30-09:00 Outside free play; running, jungle gym, riding bikes, see saw etc. Gross Motor. Bathroom and tidy up.
09:00-09:30 Circle time: news, calendar time, talking, music and dancing. 
09:30-10:00 Art time. Tidy up. Wash hands. Prayer.
10:00-10:30 Snack time
10:30-11:00 Outside play
11:00-11:30 Puzzles, learning, games, fantasy play and then tidy up. Bathroom time.
11:30- 12:00 Story-time
12:00-12:15 Free play and then wash hands before lunch.
12:15 Lunch

Bathroom time and then nap time for full day children. 

12:45 Children who stay half day go home.

Wake up. Toilet time. Get ready to go outside.

14:45 Snack time. Outside play
16:15 Colouring in, cutting, drawing, blocks, etc
17:00 Home time

* The toilet time and nappy change times are merely guidelines. If children need the toilet in between or need their nappy to be changed, it is attended to immediately.*Outside activities are weather permitting. If the weather is bad, we will do more artwork, movement, inside play with various toys etc.

The program includes:

Early learning skills Social development Tactile development
Laterality (left and right) Emotional development Music/ Dancing / Singing
Recognition of colours and shapes Physical development Intellectual development
Spiritual development Concentration (Short and Long term memory) Numeracy (Maths concept)
Language skills Sequencing (Visual memory) Auditory memory
Logical thinking & Problem Solving Fine motor co-ordination Gross motor co-ordination

We focus on a specific theme per week. We follow the ‘Grow' educational programme, incorporating our personal touches. We follow a specific theme for 2 weeks for example Hygiene, or My Family. Numbers, colours, shapes, the alphabet, counting, cutting, pencil grip etc., are integrated into the daily programme. We learn songs and rhymes to help with concepts and language acquisition. (Afrikaans and Xhosa)


We also offer Drama, Playball, Miss Manners and Culinary kids during school hours.

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